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In our sales department you may purchase automation components of known global brands and get a free consultation of NS Technology experts on using such products. We can also help to order express delivery so that you receive your product as fast as possible.


Programmable controllers

Programmable controllers

Programmable controllers solve multiple tasks in the field of automation, whether is a simple cost effective solution or a complicated high speed control system. We supply the full range of compact and modular PLCs with the same architecture.

Frequency converters

Frequency converters

Frequency converters Omron and Schneider Electric are reliable, user friendly and effective multifunctional devices enabling development of inexpensive control systems that meet the strictest requirements to speed and torque.

HMI panels

HMI panels and sensor terminals

Human-machine interface and terminals are especially relevant for development of local control systems that often face tasks of inputting and correcting parameters of the technological process in various points of the system.



Servoconverters and servomotors are necessary to develop more precise and faster positioning systems. We offer families of compact servodrives Omron and Schneider Electric for more precise and dynamic movement control, with inbuilt EtherCAT and safety means.


Gauges and sensors

Optical, induction, photoelectric and laser sensors Omron and Schneider Electric of various dimensions and form factors directly from the warehouse in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Power supply units

Power supply units

We offer single-phase and three-phase power sources of various installation patterns. Output power is from 10 to 600 W, when voltage is 5, 12, 15 and 24 V. Output power range of 3-phase power sources is from 120 W to 960 W with 24 V= voltage.


Omron Schneider Electric Siemens Delta Festo Sick sensor intelligence Autonics Wago

How to order

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Leave an order online or call us at +7 (995) 890-83-07, and our experts will contact you within 30 minutes

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We will consult you for free about all possible options and will select the automation components that you need

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After we have received the bank details of your organization, we will issue an invoice as soon as possible, where we will specify position by position the available components at the warehouse or the time for their delivery to the specified address

Make a payment

After payment your order is processed. Prior to delivery date, we will contact you to confirm all details

Get the product

We will send equipment to you with our own transportation company or will help to ship it from our warehouse

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Is our equipment original?
Our equipment was officially imported into the territory of the Russian Federation and has all necessary certifications. We supply only original components
Can we buy only the positions in the catalog?
We can supply any positions currently produced by the manufacturer and also supply the equipment that has been discontinued
Are the positions available at the warehouse or it is necessary to order them in advance?
Depends on a position. Usually it is best to place an order in advance
Do you deliver all over Russia?
Yes, we can supply the product to any city of the Russian Federation