Project development

Project development

"NS-Technologies" implements project activities based on the necessary and key indicators of technological processes.

In the course of this event, first of all, the presence of circuit diagrams of machines and an assessment of the current state of electronic devices is clarified. 

During operation, the need to replace certain devices periodically arises, but it is not always possible to implement this without financial investments. For example, an industrial controller of an outdated model may operate as part of a machine for more than one year, but being discontinued, it is not supported by the manufacturer.

To replace such a device, it may be necessary to correct the control program, which requires certain investments. In the end, the program may simply not be available for unloading due to password lock. In this case, you have to write a new control program.

Technical task

To eliminate such situations and solve more complex problems, it is necessary to correctly draw up the technical assignment (TA). A well-written technical assignment is a guarantee of a high-quality work performed, an understanding of the cost and timing of work.

TA is written on the customer's side, however, often an urgent need requires urgent action, and there is no formalized task as such. We undertake the study of the task and agree with the Customer the final form of the developed terms of reference.


We will split the project into its component parts, order the necessary standard automation components, develop and deliver unique pieces of equipment.

At their production site, "NS-Technologies" employees test equipment, debug control programs, adjust parameters, correct errors, until the system is fully operational.

Supporting documentation

"NS-Technologies" will also draw up technical documentation for the developed and delivered system and train your specialists to work with it.

Any complex manufacturing process can be automated. And we know how it works. Working with her.

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