APCS software development

APCS software development

"NS-Technologies" company provides services for the creation and development of software for technological process control. Such as: PLC programming and HMI visualization tools; creation of SCADA systems; adjustment and parameterization of electric drive systems.

We provide services for:

  • PLC programming and HMI visualization
  • Refinement of existing software algorithms
  • Integration of new components into existing systems

Key tasks of controller programming:

  • PLC programming as the part of control cabinet
  • Development of a visualized user interface using the operator panel (HMI panel)
  • Programming of processing, storage and output of values of external sensors and equipment parameters
  • Configuring PLC interaction with SCADA systems
  • Creation of communication blocks for large systems with several controllers
  • PLC programming in Master, Slave modes using industrial communication protocols (ProfiBus, Profinet, ModBus RTU, ModBus TCP, CAN)

Software development stages:

  • Technical audit and definition of client tasks
    Identification of weak points of the system and analysis of the real situation at the facility
  • Formation of technical specifications
    We develop a technical assignment. When providing a ready-made TK, we offer its verification from our side in order to take into account all the nuances that could be left without attention
  • Preparation of a proposal
    At this stage, we offer the client several solutions. Economical - a set of budget equipment that solves the task. And the optimal one - taking into account the maximum life of the equipment, ease of operation and maintenance.
  • Conclusion of a contract
    Drawing up a bilateral agreement that takes into account the high-quality implementation of the main tasks of the client.

We work only with certified products of well-known brands: