Panel equipment

Panel equipment

NS-Technologies carries out a full cycle of design, assembly, installation, adjustment, commissioning of projects for the distribution of electricity and automation systems for engineering systems.

Our solutions are suitable for hotels, shopping and entertainment complexes, chain stores and office buildings, sports facilities, luxury housing, cultural, educational and medical institutions, as well as industrial production and warehouse terminals..

Based on the assortment of electrical positions of the world's leading brands, NS-Technology creates control cabinets for civil engineering projects of any scale and purpose.

An input-distribution device of the VRU type is a grounded metal cabinet with a door and equipment located inside. The input-distribution device includes various electrical structures and devices, including fuses, phase load distribution sensors, circuit breakers, electricity meters, phase control relays, etc.

ASU cabinets or shields can have various design features due to the conditions of their operation and the solution of certain technical problems.

We work only with certified products of well-known brands:

Шкаф управления автоматизированной приточно-вытяжной вентиляцией

Input distribution devices (IDD) are manufactured for a current from 16 A to 630 A.


  • Rated operating voltage at the input - 380/220V.
  • Rated frequency - 50 Гц.
  • Rated admissible short-circuit current - 15 kA for single panel and 20 kA for multi-panel.
  • Sheath protection class ГОСТ12.2.007.0 - I.
  • The degree of protection of the shell from the front side of the box - IР31, IP54.
  • Grounding systems - TN-C, TN-C-S, TN-S.
  • Service life with possible replacement of switching devices - at least 25 years.

We take into account the specifics of operation for each individual project and take them into account when developing our solution.

Examples of our work: