Industrial equipment upgrade

Industrial equipment upgrade

Modernization of technological equipment is the best solution to increase productivity and reduce costs, if you need to buy a new one.

Any equipment becomes obsolete over time. In order for the enterprise to maintain its competitiveness, it is necessary to periodically modernize its equipment, which the specialists of the NS-Technologies Company successfully cope with.

After analyzing a specific situation, we propose a number of measures aimed at increasing equipment productivity and reducing costs without the need to purchase new equipment.

The result of the introduction of modernization is a reduction in overhead costs and production costs, an increase in the quality of products. Investments in modernization pay off in the shortest possible time when performing a full cycle of work at a high professional level.

Modernization includes equipping technological equipment with the latest controller systems, drives, propulsion units and hydraulics.

The costs of such projects are up to 50% of the cost of new equipment while providing the same functional and technological capabilities.

At the same time, the updated equipment meets modern technology requirements for the next 8 - 10 years.

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The main directions of modernization of technological equipment:

  • Equipment condition assessment
  • Bringing technical parameters up to modern requirements
  • Creation of standard projects for equipment modernization
  • Equipping machine tools with modern control systems
  • Replacement, automation of processes, mechanical units

Employees of "NS-Technologies" possess versatile knowledge and competencies necessary for the modernization of machine tools for the metallurgical, food and energy industries. The availability of the necessary approvals, combined with work experience and specialized knowledge, allows us to carry out equipment upgrades with subsequent warranty.

We work only with certified products of well-known brands: