NS-Technologies designs and implements "turnkey" automated supply and exhaust ventilation systems. Our solutions meet the criteria of economic feasibility and high quality equipment and ensure cost optimization and energy efficiency.

Supply and exhaust ventilation systems ensure the flow of clean and fresh air into the room, as well as remove harmful exhaust air. These functions are performed simultaneously. Commercial premises of 100 sq m and more and country houses are ideal for such solutions.

The automated supply and exhaust ventilation system with recuperation (heat exchange) provides up to 90% cost savings. Thanks to the built-in heat recovery system, there is no need to heat the incoming air flow, as a result of which energy costs for heating the room are significantly saved.

Scheme control cabinet of the automated supply and exhaust ventilation

The control cabinet of the automated supply and exhaust ventilation is designed for efficient control of ventilation units and electric 3-stage heating.

The automated ventilation system analyzes: the temperature of the outside and supply air, the condition of the supply air dampers and filters, the thermal protection of the fans and the fire alarm system signals. Based on these data, the system performs all the adjustments and regulation of the algorithms for purification and air circulation, as well as maintaining the set temperature.

The control cabinet of the automated supply and exhaust ventilation
The control cabinet of the automated supply and exhaust ventilation

The automated ventilation system provides control of:

  • supply and exhaust dampers
  • Heating elements
  • supply fan;
  • an exhaust fan;
  • heated supply and exhaust flaps

We work only with certified products of well-known brands:

Inline options:

  • Control of a redundant supply and exhaust fan.
  • Freon and water cooler control.
  • Ensuring uninterrupted operation when power is lost.

Advantages of automated ventilation systems NS-Technologies:

  • We deliver a proven, turnkey solution.
  • Reduced commissioning time.
  • The ability to flexibly reconfigure and edit control parameters.
  • Convenient user interface.
  • The solutions are based on serial industrial controllers of famous brands.
  • High product reliability.


  1. STUDY
    We help the client to determine the parameters of the ventilation system.
    Together with the client, we draw up a technical task
    We will agree on an estimate and issue an invoice
  4. CONTRACTstrong>
    We conclude an agreement with the client for the supply and installation of the solution.
    We carry out commissioning and installation supervision at the client's sit
    The warranty period for our products is 1 year.

Examples of our work: