Modernization of dividing devices for a bakery

"NS-Technologies" successfully implemented a project to modernize a bakery line for one of the bakeries in St. Petersburg.

Within the framework of this project, the specialists of NS-Technology were tasked with:

  • Upgrade the equipment of the bakery line.
  • Replace the outdated Omron CQM1 PLC with the modern Siemens S-7 1200 PLC series
  • Replace the legacy Omron J1000 series of variable speed drives with modern counterparts from Control Techniques
  • Replace obsolete Omron NS5 HMI panels with modern Omron NB7 counterparts

During the implementation of the modernization, the following was carried out:

  • Unloading the project from the old Omron CQ1M PLC and adapting the algorithm as much as possible to the modern syntax of the LAD and FBD programming languages.
  • Replaced the Omron J1000 frequency converter with modern counterparts from Control Techniques.
  • A new software algorithm for the control of the cold separating machine, conveyor belt and dough kneading mechanism based on Siemens s-7 1200 PLC has been developed
  • PLC data exchange unit with drive technology and HMI Omron NB7 was developed.