Development and delivery of an automated backup power supply system for the housing complex

The "NS-Technologies" company carried out a complex supply of the AVR system. The project was completed from design to installation of electrical equipment at the Customer's site.

Introductory information:

  • Object type: Housing complex;
  • Floors in Building: 27
  • Task: Automatic backup power input system

The system should receive, distribute and meter electricity with a voltage of 380 / 220V three-phase alternating current with a frequency of 50 Hz in networks with a solidly grounded neutral, protection of lines from overloads and short circuits, as well as for infrequent (up to 6 starts per hour) operational switching on and off of electrical networks.


  • For emergency and automatic transfer of the reserve (ATS system) NS-Technologies used a Schneider Electric motorized switch.
  • To supply critical loads, a Phase Selection relay is installed, protection against overvoltage or undervoltage is implemented. These relays have a built-in volt-ammeter for more convenient monitoring of the current voltage and current consumption.
  • A switch-on delay is set on the ATS system through the Schneider Electric contactor so that before starting the current consumption from the generator, it can reach operating speed.
  • The board is divided into circuits, sockets, light and stationary home appliances.
  • The distribution of the load in phases is carried out by means of cross-modules - they allow you to distribute the load not only when assembling the switchboard itself, but also to make a quick replacement if necessary during operation.