Software development and supply of equipment for a gas cleaning unit for a furniture factory

NS-Technologies has successfully completed a project for the supply of equipment for the development of software for gas cleaning units for a furniture factory.

Task: To develop software for controlling gas cleaning units based on:

  • PLC Siemens S7-1500
  • Sinamics G120 frequency converters - 75 kW
  • HMI panels Siemens KTP400
  • Schneider Electric 22k VT soft starters
  • Frequency converters Schneider Electric Altivar 31275 kW
  • The project was developed in the TIA Portal 16v software environment.

Several HMI screens have been created that display data from the inverter and soft starter. Key monitoring indicators:

  • Current
  • Mains voltage
  • Current output frequency
  • Frequency converter status
  • Current error code
  • Alarm and error log
  • Manual control buttons
  • Operating status graph of the current of all drive units

  • All parameters are automatically archived to SD card and stored for 1 week. 
  • Data exchange of Sinamics G120 frequency converters with PLC is realized via Profinet interface.
  • The data exchange of frequency converters and soft starters of Schneider Electric is implemented via the Modbus interface.